Friends and Neighbours,
RAP23 invite you to join us in the drive for clean air in North Kensington.

Public Meeting

Air quality in our area frequently breeches safety standards, with nitrogen dioxide and heavy particulate pollution at levels that are a known threat to human health. There are steps we can take as individuals and as a community to improve the air quality in our borough.

Join us on Friday, 12th of May, at Bay 56 Acklam Village, Acklam Road, London W10 5TY and:

We have expert guests with big ideas that our community can start putting into place:

RAP23 exists to organise a response to the threat of poor air quality in our community. Join us on 12th May and be part of the solution for North Kensington.

Activties from 4pm * Workshops from 5pm * Public meeting from 7pm
Including children's activities and pop-up creche

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Thank You

Great to see so many people yesterday, concerned about the quality of air we breathe and willing to roll their sleeves up to do something about it. We've now got a number of action groups working on planting projects, schools projects, and local government initiatives to clear the air for us all.


We would like to hear your thoughts, please let us know by posting to our feedback wall.

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Meg McDonald
I thought the entire evening was excellent,the speakers,information given,the ambience and the ability to get into groups and talk with likeminded people. It was uplifting to find so many people wanting to change things which can happen.
Emma Dent Coad
What a brilliant evening, I hope all the feedback was captured as that was as interesting as the speakers, who were very well informed and inspiring. In our group we tried to envisage what change might happen outside what we can predict - will there be cars? will personal transport emit anything? could the Westway of the future be a social space? I was hugely inspired and hope this is just the first of future events. Count me in. And well done to the organisers.
Jacob Rety
Really pleased to see a diverse crowed of people coming together to try and find solutions to air pollution.
Pippa Jones
Was only there at the very start, for the kids' activities, but even just seeing the photos up to show what could be grown in our community to improve the air quality was inspiring. Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for plants!
hope we have more of the same soon
La vie continue
gambi feat tk

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